The truth about Email Marketing – The Right Approach to Attract New Prospects and Build Relationship With Your Customers.

Email marketing has been around for many years now and most businesses have tried it at some point. The problem is if you are doing it wrong it can be more damaging than not doing it at all! If you ask online marketers to rank tactics by efficiency in marketing process, returns on investment (ROI) or any…

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Content is the KEY Differentiator in Today’s Ever Changing Market

Many years ago, SEOs proclaimed, “Content is king!” But the full potential of content as being the catalyst for everything that we want to accomplish in SEO was never realized. Back then, SEOs wanted to measure their efforts just as they do today. Now we are facing even more choices in our marketing, and there…

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9 Powerful Tips for Selling Digital Products on Pinterest

Over the last few years, Pinterest has quickly grown into a unique social network with its own dedicated audience. With over 70 million registered users, out of which a staggering 80% are women, it offers a huge opportunity for businesses to get closer to their target audience and increase their product sales.  However, success on…

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Twitter Marketing Why Facebook Should Make Way

Twitter marketing is gaining ground, whilst digital marketing professionals across the globe may be leaning towards a whole ensemble of social media platforms, when it comes to achieving the sheer numbers and achieving them with sound consistency, Twitter comes out as the heady choice. Now, it goes without saying that social media has added multiple dimensions…

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How to Use Sponsored Posts Responsibly in Social Media Marketing

Sponsored Posts and your responsibility as a marketer. Considering the enormous popularity of social media, marketing professionals knew it was only a matter of time before platforms found new ways to monetize. This thought has come to fruition in the form of sponsored posts. Popular social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn offer organizations…

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How to Craft a Content Marketing Strategy that Matters

If you intend to become a serious publisher you need to have a structured content marketing strategy, instead of ending up as a random blogger on the Internet, you have to pay attention to the basics. Content Marketing Strategy / Research Unless you are an expert at what you are writing about, don’t avoid research in…

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social media day 2014

How to Prepare for Social Media Day 2014

Social Media Day 2014 is June 30, so that means you still have time to plan ways to celebrate it via your website or social media profiles. Keep reading to get some ideas that could spark your creativity and help you get noticed not just in your community, but also across the world. Post Content…

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WhatsApp, Why You Should Take It Seriously In Your Business

WhatsApp made headlines in February when Facebook shelled out $16 billion to purchase the company, a mobile messaging service that recently acquired its 500 millionth user. Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a statement that he was delighted WhatsApp chose to partner with his company, since both were so dedicated to keeping people across the world…

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Direct Twitter Message Failing? Here’s Why!

Are using the auto ‘direct Twitter message’ (DM) tool on Twitter? think again. It’s no secret that Twitter is a beneficial marketing tool for businesses big and small. Unlike other social media platforms, Twitter allows you to connect with people outside your already developed network. You can build relationships with consumers you’ve never met, across the…

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5 Things You Can Do With Vine and Instagram Videos

So many social video platforms, so few ideas for using them. Vine, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. How does the average chain restaurant CEO or sports equipment store owner use social videos to their benefit? What kind of videos should be used for which social media platform? Can Vine and Instagram videos even do your business…

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competitors social media strategy

Competitors Social Media Strategy, 10 Things You Need To Know About

If you run a business, online store or service, you will have competition – period.  There are many strategies business owners and marketing departments use in order to catch up, keep up with or surpass their competitors social media strategy, and social media analysis is becoming more and more imperative as one of these measures. …

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Twitter Marketing: 10 Shortcuts to Make Your Campaign Easier to Manage

Twitter marketing is no different from running a social campaign on any platform and can be very time consuming. Even just a few clicks when compounded and performed in excess can add up. For example, if you have to constantly navigate to a Tweet and then click the Reply button it can get tedious. Not to…

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Facebook Promotions Can Hold The Key To Your Online Branding

Facebook promotions are an effective way to brand your business online, and it plays an essential part of online marketing for successful businesses today. With around 1.2 billion monthly active users, 728 million daily users, and 507 daily mobile users. Facebook provides a huge captive audience that merchants need to reach. And with these numbers…

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Which Blogging Platforms Are Right For You And Your Business?

If you want to start a blog, whether for personal or business reasons, the first thing to ask yourself is, “which blogging platforms can I use to get my voice out there?” The truth is, in this day and age, there are various potential blogging platforms (with little-to-no differences), making it tough and often negligible…

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What Are You Not Doing on Social Media That’s Killing Your Business?

It’s 2014, and the integration of social media with business has become more necessary than innovative. When businesses first started realizing the potential for social media in 2007/2008, there was an obvious, desperate scramble for interaction with potential customers. It was an awkward time; no one really knew what they were doing, and it was…

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