6 Key Reasons Why You Should Like Pages on Facebook

People who Like Pages on Facebook for strictly social purposes tend to typically Like, share and comment at far greater rates than marketers. But why is there such a reluctance amongst marketers to use social media in the same fashion? Part of the reason is that marketers don’t want to be seen as unprofessional. When they…

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Photo Sharing Site – Picking The Best for Your Business

Images are powerful tools in promotion and social media. Whether you’re a start-up or a huge corporation, the right images can help you attract potential customers and share your message with the world. There are a number of photo sharing sites out there to help you connect with others through your images. Here are a…

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Facebook Marketing

3 Ways To Market On Facebook Without an Ad Budget

Facebook has the largest audience out there so it’s understandable that businesses may believe that investing in Facebook ads is worthwhile, however it’s actually been proven that Facebook has less business value than other digital marketing sites. Forrester Blogs states that Facebook creates less business value than than any other digital marketing opportunity which raises…

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Has SEO Replaced Real Content?

A recent comment from SEO guru Adam Torkildson is raising a few eyebrows with a comment that Google is effectively killing SEO as people know it now. He stated to a friend that Google is making the current SEO industry obsolete. External and Internal SEO There are two types of search engine optimization. Internal SEO…

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What’s a Social Media Manager, and Does Your Company Need One?

It’s one of the latest and fastest growing jobs to hit the work force: the social media manager.  But just what is a social media manager?  What do they do, and how do you know if you need one?  Read on to find out: The Role of Social Media Manager A social media manager is…

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Responsive Web Design vs Mobile Sites – Which is Best

Responsive web design is a major topic all over the world, and will continue to be developed in 2014 for super fast mobile experiences. This website is responsive, and I chose this route when redesigning my website. I had originally had a static website that required a mobile designed site as well, lets call it…

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Hashtags The Power Of Using #hashtag #infographic

Hashtags are becoming more powerful as social media matures over time, with more and more platforms starting to use them in a meaningful way. Hashtags are being used daily to: reach customers start a conversation track conversations and engagement The use of #hashtags used to be limited to twitter, but is opening up over other platforms…

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Gmail and Google+ Say’s “Reach the people you know more easily”

Google’s Official Gmail Blog announced January 9th that they are going to help users connect more easily. When I heard the statement “Reach the people you know more easily” I thought great news, thats what we all want to do right. So I clicked through to the blog post to find out what gmail would…

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Six Instagram Advertising Techniques for Businesses

Instagram advertising has now come of age with the help of Facebook’s influence. In today’s digital age, one of the most important marketing tactics is social media. From Twitter to Pinterest to Facebook, companies are taking to these free and accessible platforms to get the word out about new products, services or companies they are…

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3 Internet Marketing Fundamentals for Developing a Strong Website

Internet marketing is becoming increasingly difficult, with many businesses forgetting the fundamentals, looking for a silver bullet There are many people who ask their friends or forums” How can I increase the popularity of my brand new website?” Internet marketers all over the web offer various tools and tactics to achieve online success in their business.…

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Content Strategy – 7 Steps To Get Optimised.

“Content Strategy” Two widely used buzz words in 2013. But what does it really mean? Let me point out early on, just because you have a website and signed up for a range of social media accounts. This doesn’t mean you have a content strategy. Having a static website & signing up for social media…

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Content Marketing – Video – The Future of Content Marketing

The web has become part of our day-to-day lives – with a massive 36 million brits using the internet on a day-to-day basis. Over the last couple of years Internet videos have become very popular and YouTube is now more popular than some national TV channels. It is well-known that human beings are drawn to…

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5 Types of Videos to Make Your Company Shine

5 Types of Videos to Make Your Company Shine Maybe you’ve got a cool logo or a great concept. All the elements are there, but something’s missing. Proper use of video can propel your business from a small operation to a global behemoth. People tend to be more visual, so your use of multimedia might…

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Google Plus 6 Tips to Increase Engagement For Your Business

Google plus is becoming a vital part of any business’s marketing plan because it makes it so easy to reach potential customers. This social media platform currently has over 250 million users and is expanding very rapidly, so it is something of which marketers should be aware. In fact, since Google Plus is associated with Google, it…

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Vines New Tool Kit, 2 Reasons why You should Use It.

Vines new tool kit Since the launch of the Insta-video feature on its rival social platform Instagram, Vine has received a lot of stick with regards to its own editing features. However, the popular six-second video creator has launched two new features for the app. Vines new tool kit has now become even more advanced,…

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